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So what’s a Piktograf anyway?

Good question. Beyond being an innovative new design studio, Piktograf Design is actually a riff on the term pictograph. A pictograph is an image that conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object. Like the man on the mens room sign.
Pictographs were actually considered one of the earliest forms on non verbal communication and the earliest examples of pictographs include ancient drawings found in caves and on rock walls. They have continued to be used through out history because of their ability to  transcend traditional written and spoken language. Pictographs are designed in that they can communicate to foreign speakers equally effectively, even if the languages and cultures are completely different. This is why road signs and similar pictographic material are often applied as global standards expected to be understood by nearly all.
You interact with pictographs 1000 times a day and never realize it. The sign on a mens room, thats a pictograph. Cross walk signs, no smoking signs, all pictographs telling you what to do and not do. Yes the pictograph is everywhere and secretly running the world.
Oh I get it, but why name your company that?
The pictograph is considered one of the most elemental and elegant forms in design and truly embodies the spirit of our design aesthetic: simple, clean, instantly recognizable, and universally understandable. We take these qualities and weave them into each and every project that comes our way. Our business is about effectively communicating our clients message to the world and we achieve that in the spirit of the  mighty pictograph.

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